Winning Sales Presentations

Workshop Description:

Participants focus equally on preparation and presentation. Presenters who are comfortable with their message present confidently. Participants learn to emphasize positive qualities that enhance credibility while minimizing behaviors that distract the audience.

Workshop participants learn to plan presentations using processes, tools, and disciplines similar to those used to prepare executive summaries. This reduces preparation time and improves message alignment and credibility with customers.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants are able to:

  • Choose an appropriate delivery style and make nonverbal language an enhancement to presentation skills
  • Collaborate with customers to strategize presentations, generate content, map your message, and add value to your presentation
  • Evaluate and design effective visuals appropriate to the purpose, customer, and available media resources
  • Manage stress to energize your presentation
  • Prepare for questions, organize effective answers, regulate the flow of interaction, and handle hostile or interrupting questions
Who Should Attend
  • Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Support
  • Presentation Creators
  • Workshop Guide
  • Shipley Proposal Guide

Contact Information

Contact Shipley at 888.772.9467 or

    I took a lot of your teachings to heart, especially the pre-proposal planning, proposal development worksheets, and debriefing tips. As a result, my company had its best-ever month in new business acquisition…I now have a win rate of over 60 percent! Thank you for the seminars that have proven so valuable to me, my company, and my professional future.

    Corporate Proposal Manager