Content Management as a Service

Too busy writing and submitting proposals and RFP responses to organize your proposal content? Shipley’s Content Management as a Service (CMaaS) is here to help. Clients receive industry-leading assistance to organize, add, review, update, improve, deduplicate, and archive content by leveraging Shipley’s Content Management as a Service.

Clients will receive the following benefits by relying on Shipley’s Content Management as a Service:

  • More concise content: Concise proposals are clearer and easier for evaluators to understand and score.
  • Less risk: You reduce your risk by ensuring content used in proposals is accurate and up to date.
  • Greater sales and proposal team efficiency: A robust and easy-to-use database enables sales to focus on selling and proposal teams to respond faster.
  • Increased quality: Proposals are often written quickly to meet deadlines. Allowing Shipley content managers to proofread and improve content increases quality.
  • Faster AI searching: Concise and organized databases are more efficient and faster for AI searching in RFP management systems.

Shipley offers 3 levels of CMaaS suite of services:

  • Reviews: Clients will receive help from Shipley’s experienced consultants who can review and evaluate your existing content.
  • Organization: The key to efficient searching is organization. Shipley’s consultants help organize your content into a custom architecture and tagging structure that works best for your environment.
  • Additions: A consolidated content library is key to efficiently responding to RFPs. Clients can leverage Shipley’s content managers to harvest reusable content from previous RFP responses and proposals and add them to your content library.
  • Updates: Business services, products, and strategies change often. Keeping content up to date can be difficult. Client content libraries are easier to manage when leveraging Shipley’s content management help.
  • Improvement: Many proposal managers don’t have time to stop working on RFPs and improve content in their library. Shipley’s consultants enhance and improve your content, aligning it with Shipley’s best practices for POWeRful© proposal writing including:
    • Ensuring customer focus
    • Creating key win themes
    • Writing compelling and concise content
    • Ensuring consistency of tone and voice
  • Deduplication: Content often grows and duplicates, making searching more difficult and leaving proposal teams unsure which answer is best. Shipley’s experienced consultants can deduplicate content in your library, enabling faster and easier searching.
  • Archive: Without extra help, clients often find their library becomes large and difficult to manage. Clients will receive Shipley’s guidance on which Q&A pairs and documents to archive using Shipley’s best practices.
  • Proposal Templates: High-quality, reusable content is key for building proposal templates to ensure your sales team delivers a consistent message. Shipley’s consultants can build a proposal template from your existing content or write a proposal template if needed. This increases your sales team’s efficiency, enabling them to focus more on selling and less on writing.
  • Milestone Refreshes: The longer content is in your library, the more at risk it is of becoming inaccurate or stale. Clients can leverage Shipley’s Content Management as a Service to complete content refreshes every six or 12 months.
  • Content Management Team: When your team is stretched too thin or you need specialized help, Shipley’s content managers can provide ongoing content management and monitoring, continually adding and improving content.
  • Content Migration Prep: If you’re preparing to implement an RFP management system like RFPIO, RFP360, Loopio, or Qvidian, Shipley’s consultants are proficient in all major platforms and can help you prepare, migrate, and even manage your content. Clients experience a smoother transition and faster searching in RFP management platforms by leveraging Shipley’s best practices for architecture, tagging, content organization, and quality.
  • Content Management Training: If you have an existing content management team, but want to elevate their skills, Shipley’s Content Management Training is the perfect fit. Client teams can increase their knowledge and abilities through Shipley’s content management trainings as they learn Shipley’s best practices. Trainings can be small or large group and delivery remote/online or in person.
  • Content Assessments: If you are looking for advice on how to improve, but don’t need ongoing services, Shipley’s content management team can evaluate your content and documents to deliver an assessment with strategic improvement recommendations.
  • RFP System Optimization: Many companies are already using an RFP Management system, but want to learn how to optimize searching performance. Shipley’s consultants evaluate your architecture, tagging structure and content, and make recommendations to enhance your settings.