Companies and organizations partner with Shipley to improve overall business development results. Our clients compete in Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Federal Government (B2G), and Business-to-State and Local Government.

Reasons clients engage Shipley include:

  • A company requiring a unified and efficient business development process and culture
  • Companies seeking to expand their business into new or adjacent markets, including
  • A large company competing on a “must-win” opportunity with a government customer
    – requiring proposal expertise and talent to help them win
  • A small company seeking to expand and compete in a new market, including the
  • An agency or a non-profit organization seeking to compete for and win workload with
    other agencies
  • Individuals and organizations seeking to improve competency and skills in business
  • Defense and Military

    Many U.S. and multi-national defense and military companies rely on Shipley to help compete for and win business. Here is how one company benefited from Shipley support.

  • Information Technology and Systems

    Competing for business in the fast-paced IT market is tough. More and more IT and IT Support companies are gaining market share by applying Shipley best practices and leveraging Shipley talent on key bids and proposals.

    See how one IT/IT Services firm improved with help from Shipley.

  • Healthcare and Health Services

    The way to win business in the healthcare and health services industry is in a constant state of flux. Shipley helps companies navigate through the complexities of competing for business and preparing proposals in this competitive market.

    Here’s how one company engaged Shipley.

  • Architectural & Engineering and Construction

    AEC firms compete for business on many levels. Some companies prepare simple bids to win projects. Others have to compete by preparing a compelling proposal that sells their value proposition and capability.

    Here’s how Shipley helped one AEC firm win business.

  • Professional Services

    The quality of your people, reputation, and past performance on projects are important factors when competing for work in the professional services industry. Shipley has helped dozens of firms develop capture plans and proposals that help them “stand out” from other competing firms.

    Here is one example of how Shipley helped a client.

  • Energy and Energy Services

    The global strain on energy resources and the demand for new ways to protect and preserve our energy is highly visible and competitive.

    See how Shipley helped one energy client compete and win.

  • Government and Non-Profit

    Educational institutions, non-profits, and even government agencies are competing for research funds, grant funds, and workload within the government. Funding is highly competitive and many organizations need the help Shipley provides.

    See how Shipley has helped one organization achieve its mission.

Companies of all sizes depend on Shipley to help them compete for and win new business. Our people, processes, and best practice tools are valuable in a wide range of industries and markets. Clients appreciate our willingness to roll up our sleeves to help develop winning strategies and proposals that are compliant, responsive and customer-focused. Our unique ability to provide a blend of personnel, training, or real culture change in a fast-paced business development environment is what sets us apart. We are there for clients when they need us—whether it is helping them win business now or helping them establish a winning culture, we are ready to help them succeed. Helping clients win IS our business!

Amy McGeady

SVP, Strategic Services