Leadership & Strategy Development



Effective business development (BD) organizations don’t just happen—they have leaders that know how to compete and win! Shipley’s consultants understand the complexity of winning in today’s competitive markets, and are prepared to use that knowledge to improve your win probability.

Shipley consultants are skilled facilitators of business development leadership and organizational strategy sessions—providing a forum for leaders to voice concerns, discuss issues, and identify gaps, and strengths in a safe environment.

Shipley’s Blueprint to Winning leadership session is a proven way for BD leaders to focus on business development strategy, processes, and improvement objectives.

What can you expect in a workshop?

This facilitated, interactive session helps you:

  • Assessing your current business development process—is it working?

  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement

  • Design and develop a tailored business development process around your strategic objectives

  • Assess the capability and competency levels of your staff to implement a winning process

  • Assign tasks and milestones for improving performance

The outcome of this facilitated session is a notional blueprint to winning with key milestones, decision gates, tasks, and objectives – a blueprint to help your organization compete better and win more

"Through Shipley's help, we have the ultimate resources to create proposal materials that support our sales people in winning business. We are now able to more effectively show the value of our products to potential clients."

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging Firm

Why Shipley?

You gain immediate and reliable access to:

  • The most qualified and diverse cadre of capture and proposal resources in the industry
  • Industry-proven tools, techniques, and processes for getting it done right; on time and on budget
  • Task order, quick-turn response support to minimize overhead and respond quickly
  • A flexible engagement management approach with practitioners leading project oversight
  • A partner that supports clients with a winning discipline, globally
  • A national recruiting system to attract and retain capture and proposal talent to meet specific needs
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