Price-to-Win & Competitive Assessment


With customers having access to competitive information through new, web-based services, and focusing more on price, arriving at a competitive position and price-to-win on major sales opportunities is critical.

Shipley Associates has a wealth of experience working with strategic analysis providers to offer clients a comprehensive solution for preparing to compete on a major, strategic opportunity. The assessment reviews customer, competitor, and program trends; budgets; ratios; spending histories, and other elements necessary to determine a price-to-win.

This service generally involves these phases—always working closely with client SMEs and leadership.
  • Phase 1: Customer Assessment

    What is the customer seeking? What challenges, issues, motivators are behind the potential solicitation?

  • Phase 2: Competitive Assessment

    What is the competitive landscape associated with the opportunity and program? Who will compete? Why? What might they offer?

  • Phase 3: Price to Win Analysis

    What is the spending history on this program if it is a re-compete? What has been budgeted? Forecasted?

The goal is always to seek the Win Zone based on accurate findings. By getting a reliable, independent assessment, you will gain a competitive advantage with unbiased, factual data and analysis to help you compete. Deliverables include an executive briefing with all analytical data–complete with a findings and recommendation report.

"As a small business, we were looking for a tool that would give us an edge over our competition. The Shipley Proposal Guide has given us that competitive advantage. The Guide's organization is intuitive, information relevant, and has quickly become the most powerful tool in our proposal development arsenal."

Director of Business Development, Kearns & West

Why Shipley?

You gain immediate and reliable access to:

  • The most qualified and diverse cadre of capture and proposal resources in the industry
  • Industry-proven tools, techniques, and processes for getting it done right; on time and on budget
  • Task order, quick-turn response support to minimize overhead and respond quickly
  • A flexible engagement management approach with practitioners leading project oversight
  • A partner that supports clients with a winning discipline, globally
  • A national recruiting system to attract and retain capture and proposal talent to meet specific needs
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