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"Your proposal leadership on this complex proposal was invaluable. You were able to harness our resources and bring together a compelling story for our customer while maintaining calm - even in a very chaotic environment with us and our teaming partners."

Director of Program Development, Healthcare IT Firm

"Our team was awarded a major contract as a result of the support Shipley gave us. Not only was our submission far superior to the competition, but also our pricing was exactly on target. Thank you for helping us stay in business for another five years and ensuring our win!"

Capture Manager, Large IT Services Firm

"Shipley took what was essentially a "mystic black art" and brought it into the daylight for both my staff and myself. Understanding the 96-step process and having it presented professionally in a structured manner has energized our business development activities-with positive results!"

Business Development Manager, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

"I want to pass on to you how impressed I've been with the performance of [Shipley]. You have done a great job supporting us in our journey to transform [our] business development and proposal process. This is a difficult undertaking in any company, but the complexity increases tremendously when it involves a U.S. subsidiary of a global company. Despite the challenges, Shipley excelled!"

Business Development Executive