Capture Plan & Proposal Assessment


Strategic business opportunities deserve strategic focus.

Shipley’s opportunity-specific assessment of either a capture plan or a proposal provides an unbiased, fair evaluation of sales and capture effectiveness based on industry-validated best practices. Assessments can be performed in advance of an opportunity, during an opportunity, or after submission of the proposal as a post-submittal evaluation against customer requirements.

Capture Plan Assessments

Working closely with your Capture Manager, we will evaluate your competitive awareness and position, your customer knowledge, and your early solution strategy and provide guidance on moving you toward a “favored position” with your customer.

Let our experts evaluate your capture plan against best-in-industry standards to assess your readiness to pursue key contracts.

Proposal Assessments

Shipley’s Proposal Assessment service uses a set of well-defined best practice standards to evaluate clients’ past proposals and assess their effectiveness.

We look for compliance, responsiveness, customer focus, strategy, clarity of writing, visual effectiveness, and overall organization of the document. We measure the results against best practices and provide a summary report of findings and recommendations to management.

Shipley Associates can help you compare the quality of your proposals to best-in-class standards and identify specific ways to enhance competitiveness and create realistic improvement strategies.


  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of One or More Recent Proposals

    Anticipate customer reaction to a specific proposal, audit a range of proposals against industry benchmarks, or gain an in-depth understanding of specific strengths and weaknesses of your company's proposals.

  • Target High-Value Improvement Strategies

    Identify specific attributes of best-in-class proposals that can improve your competitiveness and develop a strategy to systematically improve future proposals.

  • Consider Broader Implications of Capture Readiness

    Learn what specific proposal attributes reveal about your processes and your ability to capture new business.

"Your consultant's incredible organizational skills and focus on strategies and cost/pricing issues kept our team focused and motivated. I believe we have a very credible and compliant proposal. I highly recommend that other ITT proposal teams use Shipley's support in the future."

Program Manager, ITT Aerospace

Why Shipley?

  • The most qualified and diverse cadre of capture and proposal resources in the industry
  • Industry-proven tools, techniques, and processes for getting it done right; on time and on budget
  • Task order, quick-turn response support to minimize overhead and respond quickly
  • A flexible engagement management approach with practitioners leading project oversight
  • A partner that supports clients with a winning discipline, globally
  • A national recruiting system to attract and retain capture and proposal talent to meet specific needs
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