Shipley will be providing the latest information about the Business Development Capability Model (BD CMM), Business Winning Institute (BWi) global service offerings, and results from our research and client projects.

 About the Business Winning Institute

The Business Winning Institute (BWi) is a dedicated practice area within Shipley.

Our mission is to be the global leaders in the advancement of business winning management practices, which we achieve in collaboration with our international industry partners.

BWi supports the global Shipley network in helping clients to achieve sustainable business winning success, primarily through:

  • Maintenance of the Capability Maturity Model® for Business Development (BD-CMM®) as the industry standard framework for advancing business winning capability and sustainably delivering superior business winning results
  • Training and certification
  • Industry research studies

More information on Organization and Accreditation…

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For more information contact:

Paul Deighton, BWi Executive Director,; or Brad Douglas, Shipley Executive Vice President Global Strategy,

® Capability Maturity Model, CMM, and CMMI are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by the CMMI Institute.