Decision Gates and Reviews

Workshop Description:

This two-day workshop will help you schedule, plan, and conduct a disciplined but flexible set of milestone activities in your business development process. Using lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises, it demonstrates best practices proven to help organizations win business. In it, you will face a range of common challenges confronted by managers at key decision gates. And, in a case study based on an actual competitive bidding opportunity, you will participate in a series of reviews, following a lead through the business development lifecycle.

You will learn to:

  • Understand differences between decision gates and reviews
  • Identify phases of a standard business development lifecycle and corresponding decision gates and reviews
  • Use formal decision gates to make prudent business and strategic decisions, including the allocation or withdrawal of resources in pursuit of business opportunities
  • Adopt formal reviews to improve customer focus, clarity of thinking, and effectiveness of your business pursuits

In the workshop, you will learn about more than 30 useful tools that support milestone events and how to adapt new skills and approaches to your organization’s needs and markets.

Who Should Attend
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Developers
  • Capture & Opportunity Managers
  • Proposal Manager
  • Color Team Review Tools
  • BD, Capture, Sales, and Proposal Documents
  • Shipley Business Development Lifecycle Guide

Contact Information

Contact Shipley at 888.772.9467 or

    I took a lot of your teachings to heart, especially the pre-proposal planning, proposal development worksheets, and debriefing tips. As a result, my company had its best-ever month in new business acquisition…I now have a win rate of over 60 percent! Thank you for the seminars that have proven so valuable to me, my company, and my professional future.

    Corporate Proposal Manager