Industry Insights: Drive Your Win Strategy with SWOT

SWOT analysis is a useful technique that can help you evaluate your project or organization from different perspectives. By identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you can gain insights into the internal and external factors that affect your performance and potential.

Customer Focused Writing

10 ways to be customer focused in writing

Customer focus is a trait that everyone claims but few communicate in their proposals. Watch for insights in being more customer focused.

The Probability of Winning (PWIN)

Probability of win (Pwin) helps you track and monitor how likely you are to win an opportunity. In business development metrics, it is important to calculate an accurate Pwin so you can plan capture and proposal efforts accordingly. In this video, Brad Douglas, Executive Vice President of Shipley’s Global Operations and APMP Fellow, describes common errors companies make when tracking Pwin. He also highlights key win factors that contribute to an accurate Pwin to help you “go win the next one.”

Seven Pillars of Effective Proposals

Effective proposals have common traits.

After 50 years of working with clients in various industries and global locations, Shipley has learned and documented seven pillars of effective proposals.

Watch this video to find out if your proposals meet the criteria.

Six Aspects of a Win Strategy

In our industry, a lot of confusion circles around the definition of a win strategy. We talk about a proposal, capture, or sales strategies, but what is a win strategy?

From leveraging your strengths to focusing on your evaluators, this Industry Insights video discusses the six aspects of a win strategy, and why they’re crucial to winning your next opportunity.