Do you have the right tools to sell your solution?

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Regardless of our role, we are all selling! Join this webinar for insights on how to focus on the customer when positioning your solutions to potential customers. Learn to avoid common traps that capture managers, account teams, and sales professionals fall into when trying to generate revenue.

In our industry, a lot of confusion circles around the definition of a win strategy. We talk about a proposal, capture, or sales strategies, but what is a win strategy? 

From leveraging your strengths to focusing on your evaluators, this Industry Insights video discusses the six aspects of a win strategy, and why they’re crucial to winning your next opportunity.

The Shipley Playbooks is a step-by-step guide with key tasks, milestones, and tools to help win more business. Over 40 downloadable tools are included in all playbooks—each a valuable aid to any proposal manager, capture manager, or proposal writer facing the challenge of managing people, process, solutions, and proposal writing.