Winning IDIQ Contracts and Associated Task Orders

Bidding on large contract vehicles, including multiple-award IDIQs (such as Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts) can be challenging and time-consuming for any organization.

The time and resources needed to effectively prepare for, put together, and submit a competitive proposal in response to IDIQ solicitations can be significant.

IDIQs often require extensive preparation and responses including the submission of Contractor Performance Assessment Reviews (CPARs) and/or Past Performance Questionnaires, numerous formal past performance citation submittals, extensive narrative responses and documentation, etc.

These requirements can be a challenge for small set-aside, mid-cap, and large organizations. Especially since these vehicles provide for a limited number of awardees within a highly competitive landscape which often consists of both new and incumbent contractors.

Bidding these efforts requires a different strategy than bidding single-award opportunities. These efforts require putting in place and applying highly effective strategies to align your organization’s core competencies and resources with the client’s needs. Bidding these efforts entails developing an effective pipeline to determine which vehicles to bid and requires gaining an edge on competitors.

To prepare you and your team to effectively compete and win IDIQ related work and associated Task Orders, Shipley’s training courses (including our Winning Task Orders, Qualifying to Win, Business Development Boot Camp, and Capturing Federal Business), were all designed to include providing participants with the most effective processes and tools needed to successfully bid on these opportunities.

A few upcoming IDIQ opportunities are listed below, along with relevant factors to consider when building pipelines in preparing to bid these opportunities. Shipley’s strategies position organizations to significantly increase Pwin on these and other large efforts.

Opportunity Name:  Administrative Data  Description:
Solutions for Enterprise Procurement VI (SEWP VI) Federal Agency Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): $77B

Solicitation Type: Full and Open / Small Business / HUBZone / Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: May 2025

    • This multi-award IDIQ supports Information Technology (IT), Communications, and Audio/Visual (ITC/AV) Solutions providing enterprise-level support across the federal government.
    • NASA is planning for 140+ contract holders, including 100+ small businesses, including 9700+ Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
    • The IDIQ has three categories: ITC/AV Solutions, Enterprise-Wide ITC/AV Solutions, and ITC/AV Program-level Services.
    • Each category will have Unrestricted and Small Business Set-Aside awards.
    • The SEWP Program Management Office (PMO) will hold an informational WEBEX on 04/02/2024.
Alliant 3 Federal Agency Sponsor: General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): No Ceiling ($75B)

Solicitation Type: Full and Open/ Unrestricted

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: May 2024

    • This GSA-managed GWAC will provide IT solutions through performance of a broad range of services, which may include integration of various technologies critical to the services being acquired.
    • Alliant 3 is planned to have a single 10-year contract term with no ceiling on contract value.
    • The current Alliant 2 IDIQ has a $75B ceiling for planning purposes. Individual Task Orders will have increased small business subcontracting requirements, with inclusion of small business emerging technology solutions as an evaluation factor.
    • In the second draft RFP, the government reduced the project size thresholds, authorized the use of subcontractor past performance, and allowed CPA statements in lieu of DCMA or DCAA audits to increase the ability for contractors to compete.
Information Analysis Centers Multiple Award Contract (IAC MAC) Federal Agency Sponsor: Defense Undersecretary for Research & Engineering (R&E) Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): $48B

Solicitation Type: Full and Open / Small Business Set-Aside

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: December 2025

    • This IDIQ supports Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) and other R&D related analytical services for 22 scientific and technical focus areas critical to defense needs.
    • Each of these 22 focus areas is mapped to one of three primary domain areas: Defense Systems; Cybersecurity and Information Systems; and Homeland Defense and Security.
    • Contracts will be awarded in two pools (Pool 1 – Full and Open, supporting task orders above $15M) and (Pool 2 – Small Business, supporting task orders $15M and below).
    • The current IAC MAC IDIQ has 28 incumbents and is set to expire in March of 2028.
    • The government has increased the ceiling for the current contract to $48B, and an on-ramp was just concluded in December 2023, with awards expected in late FY24.
    • The government plans to prepare for this follow-on opportunity as soon as the on-ramp is concluded.
Chief Information Officer Commodity Solutions (CIO-CS) Federal Agency Sponsor: Health and Human Services

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): $20B

Solicitation Type: Full and Open/ Unrestricted

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: June 2024

    • This IDIQ consists of a continuing requirement to provide a mechanism for the federal government to procure IT commodity solutions as they relate to health and life science capabilities, and general IT initiatives.
    • Relevant NAICS codes for this effort include 541519 (Other Computer Related Services) and 334111 (Electronic Computer Manufacturing).
    • This program may be affected by current delays and protests involved with the CIO-SP4 program, which is managed by the same government component.
    • The current contract has 64 active incumbents.
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 4 Services (ITES-4S) Federal Agency Sponsor: US Army

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): $12.1B

Solicitation Type: Full and Open/ Unrestricted

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: April 2024

    • The ITES-4S IDIQ provides a range of services and solutions for the Army enterprise infrastructure and infostructure goals with IT services world-wide.
    • The ITES-3S contract currently has 116 incumbents (65 large and 51 small businesses).
    • The total spent on this contract was $12.1B as of February 2024, and the current contract period of performance ends in September of 2027.
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Systems Engineering Technology and Innovation (SETI) Federal Agency Sponsor: Defense/DISA

IDIQ Total Contract Value (TCV): $7.5B

Solicitation Type: Full and Open/ Small Business/ HUBZone

Anticipated Final Solicitation Release Date: February 2027

    • The SETI contract vehicle will provide a suite of IT engineering services, expertise, and support in the planning, R&D, integration, and implementation activities for future, proposed, current, and legacy Department of Defense (DoD) and DISA IT capabilities, services, and systems.
    • It will deliver complex IT engineering support services throughout the entire acquisition lifecycles of DoD and DISA solutions, systems, and system components.
    • The first iteration was a Multiple Award-IDIQ, awarded in 2018 to 38 companies in both Full & Open and Small Business “Suites” with a total ceiling of $7.5B.
    • The spend on this IDIQ is currently $271M.


Develop an effective pipeline to determine which upcoming contracts to bid, and determine how to gain an edge on competitors prior to bidding on these and other IDIQ vehicles.

Pipelines are built and maintained months—sometimes years—in advance, so research and gather program information early, then keep the information updated.

The strategies, processes, and tools needed to effectively compete and win large IDIQ contracts are taught in many of Shipley’s courses. These courses cover topics including market analysis and positioning, client and competitor analysis strategies, and pipeline development strategies needed to successfully win IDIQ contracts. Shipley’s courses also address how to apply these strategies to most effectively address quick turns on various IDIQ Task Orders.

Enroll in one of these training courses now to enhance your organization’s Pwin on large government contract vehicles and on associated Task Orders!