Are You Winning Your Share?

Tough questions deserve honest answers

You Snooze You Lose-Qualify to Win!—Have you ever felt like you didn’t have a fair shot at winning a competitive bid? That the odds were against you? Well, they probably were. Companies that win more business are often the ones out front—building a relationship, helping shape requirements, understanding customer needs and issues. Don’t hit the snooze button. Experts will share ideas on how to qualify opportunities and position to win.
Proposal SupportShipley experts combined with efficiency savings and a flexible approach means a significant return on investment (ROI) from dollars spent. Clients value our flexibility and adaptability when applying industry best practices to help them win.
Why Your Proposals Don’t WinThis is one of the most common questions in our industry. The funny thing is most people and organizations want to create all sorts of complex dynamics, conspiracy theories, dreams, fables, and excuses as to why their proposals fail to win and why their win rates and capture ratios are so low.
POWeRful Proposal Writing (Live, Online)In this online, virtual course, participants learn a proven process for developing winning proposals in any industry. Participants learn high-impact skills for developing customer-focused proposals that score higher on proposal evaluations.