What Makes Your Business Go?


There’s a reason that many successful restaurants employ slogans and service that emphasize their customization options. Burger King’s long-held slogan was “Have It Your Way,” Subway thrives on massive sandwich building choices, and even Starbucks will oblige if you ask nicely for a nonfat, iced skinny mocha with light ice, no whip, and two extra pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. One of the fundamental aspects of humanity is that none of us is the same.

Shipley Associates understands that the world of business development is no different. We have learned this while assessing the needs of businesses large and small and providing needed services to help them win. One may need additional support establishing a bid and proposal center of excellence while another may want general guidance in strengthening their business development strategy. Shipley has the tools and personnel to evaluate your current standing and prepare a way forward that is completely customized to your unique needs.

From tailored workshops to experienced Shipley consultants, the ways for Shipley to help you win business are endless. Check out the Business Development Consulting page of our newly updated website for more information on our offered services.

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