Business Development Strategy

Building a Culture of Winning

We all know that HOPE is not a strategy

Strategy requires careful planning, collaboration, and execution.

What does it take to win in your competitive environment?  Do you know your competitors? Their strengths and weaknesses?  Do you know how you are perceived in the market? By customers?

Do you have the methods, tools, infrastructure, and personnel necessary to build a culture of winning?

Shipley has the personnel, experience, and tools to help you build a culture of winning – not just with strategy, but with execution.

We will:

  • Assess

    your current business capture capabilities, resources, and methods

  • Design

    a framework with input from key stakeholders

  • Develop

    a series of key activities and milestones to hold people accountable

  • Document & Deliver

    an approach to competing and winning that is repeatable and flexible to fit your market

  • Train

    your leaders and others responsible for implementing best practices and tools

All leading to a strategy to build and execute on a culture of winning.

Let us help you win – not just now, but for the long-term.

"Shipley helped us assess our current process and identify gaps in personnel, infrastructure, tools, and strategy. We collaborated with Shipley to design, develop, document, and roll out a BD life cycle that leveraged our existing strengths and introduced new ideas that we could realistically implement. Since the Shipley engagement, our pursuit pipeline has expanded considerably…. Shipley's vision, training, tools, and methodology were instrumental in our successful transition from small business to large business."

President and CEO, Citizant

Why Shipley?

  • The most qualified and diverse cadre of capture and proposal resources in the industry
  • Industry-proven tools, techniques, and processes for getting it done right; on time and on budget
  • Task order, quick-turn response support to minimize overhead and respond quickly
  • A flexible engagement management approach with practitioners leading project oversight
  • A partner that supports clients with a winning discipline, globally
  • A national recruiting system to attract and retain capture and proposal talent to meet specific needs
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