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Competing and Winning Globally: Trends in International Business Winning

Join a panel of business winning experts who know how to compete in a global, competitive environment; from capture planning to proposal preparation. Register now!

Business Winning Institute

The Business Winning Institute (BWI) is a dedicated practice area within Shipley, centered on the Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM®).

Our mission is to be the global leaders in the advancement of business winning management practices, which we achieve in collaboration with our international industry partners.

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Current Trends in Global Business Development

Too often our approach to capture planning is tactical and mechanical with little thought of strategy and real collaboration with the customer. Join industry experts in discussing ways to be more collaborative and consultative in your pre-proposal, capture activities and customer engagements.

Shipley Global Offices

Shipley Associates supports international offices in the following regions: Australia, Korea, Japan, Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden, India, the UK and more...