Business Winning Tip

Training at any Stage

Everyone undergoes some form of training in their career. Most often, people receive training when they first start a new job. At the beginning of your career, you likely had weeks of training to help you learn the ropes. Once this grueling training period is over, you probably breathed a sigh of relief and closed the door on that chapter. But training is not just for beginners.  

Stay up to date 

The way business works is constantly changing (hello AI!). Investing in relevant training throughout your career helps you stay up to date on capture and proposal trends and best practices. The proposal industry is competitive! Customers want people who know and apply best practices—and these can be fluid. Investing in current and relevant training is a wonderful way to stay up to date in any industry. 

Stay Skilled 

Maintaining your professional skills takes work and practice. No one likes taking a hard look in the mirror, but if you notice a trend of lower performance, you may need to change something in your processes or acquire new skills to see improvements. When you attend a training led by industry leaders, you update your skills. Attending training semi-regularly throughout your career allows you small course corrections to stay on track instead of requiring a major overhaul when your performance is poor.  

Stay Impressive  

Whether you are trying to move up in your company or find a new job entirely, training and training certifications are impressive. They show that you invest in your work performance and strive to be at the top of your game. Not everyone makes training a priority, so broadening your knowledge sets you apart. Training can even boost your earning potential throughout your career. 

Shipley offers various levels of training to give you whatever depth of learning you need—from micro courses that quickly freshen you up to robust courses on proposal best practices. Check it out!