The Future of Training is Now

Can I learn something worthwhile through on-demand, self-paced training? 

Yep – You can, with certain conditions: 

  • The content is current and instructionally sound with clear learning objectives and outcomes. 
  • You commit to learning and not just “finishing” the course. 
  • There are follow-up opportunities—refresher modules, documents, guidebooks to support your continuous learning 

Benefits of on-demand training. There are several benefits that support on-demand training as part of your professional development: 

  • Time efficiency—Targeted training in shorter amounts of time; less time wasted. 
  • Accessibility—Eliminates the need for expensive and unproductive travel. 
  • Flexibility—Allows the learner to learn while meeting other work-related and personal commitments. 

Learning studies. A LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report indicates that 57% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace. Another learning research study reported that 89% of those surveyed reported increased workplace flexibility and 76% reported increased productivity due to on-demand training options. A Brandon Hall Group’s State of Learning & Development Report found that organizations with a strong learning culture that include on-demand training have higher employee engagement and productivity. 

Here and now. Clearly, learning from anywhere and at your own pace is not just the future—it’s here! Technology, AI solutions, and access to so many learning platforms creates an environment conducive to learning. Real learning. The key? Commit to learning and not just going through the motions. 

Shipley OnDemand. Shipley has been providing professional on-demand learning options for over seven years and we continue to offer expanded opportunities for professionals within the business development community; including Shipley Certification, a credential accepted worldwide. Members of APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) can even prepare for their Foundation Certification through Shipley’s on-demand training/coaching. 

Visit Shipley OnDemand to learn more about how you can improve your position as a business winning professional.