7 Reasons AI Training Transforms Adoption from Struggle to Success

Forward-looking business development leaders and Swiss-army-knife proposal professionals know that generative AI is the new gamechanger like Cloud collaboration was and even word processing software before that. If you want to not only become your proposal center’s AI wizard but also know how to lead your organization to realize the astounding advantages of AI adoption, then the BD.ai 1-day online workshop is for you. 

To remain competitive in business, it’s essential to adopt tools and technologies that increase efficiency and power innovation. Shipley’s BD.ai training provides practical information for using AI effectively in proposal development and prepares participants to be among the field’s first BD.ai leaders.Yet, BD.ai goes beyond skills to demonstrate the integrated big picture of Shipley’s BD Lifecycle enhanced with AI. 

Here are seven reasons to join us at Shipley’s BD.ai training this summer. 

7 Reasons to Take Shipley’s BD.ai Training 

1. Master the Future of Work with Generative AI 

Generative AI is less of a threat to jobs than an opportunity to enhance them. Participants will learn how to use generative AI for complex initiatives and become invaluable assets in their organizations. People wanting to shape the future: this class is for you. 

2. Write Proposal Content Faster  

Creating proposals the traditional way takes a lot of time and resources. This training introduces pWin.ai with Shipley inside, our recommended advanced AI platform that streamlines proposal writing, allows teams to focus on strategic activities that add more value, and empowers users to generate high-quality content faster. Even if you’re not a pWin.ai user, you’ll learn tips and tricks for faster proposal writing using modern tools and techniques. 

3. Integrate AI Seamlessly with Existing Processes 

Many organizations have not figured out how to use AI within their existing business development methods, and they don’t use AI to its full potential. Participants will learn how to move their teams from basic to advanced AI usage and lead their company’s efforts to enable Shipley’s proven business development lifecycle with the power of generative AI. 

4. Understand the Differences Between General-Purpose and Domain-Specific AI 

General-purpose AI tools can be powerful but often require a deep understanding of how to use effectively and are not tailored to the specific needs of proposal development. This training teaches the differences between general-purpose and domain-specific AI tools. Participants will learn how general-purpose AI works and try pWin.ai, the industry’s only domain-specific with Shipley inside. Regardless of what technology platforms your company uses, this hands-on learning is key to selecting and maximizing adoption of the best AI tools for your unique needs. 

5. Test the Best AI Tool Endorsed by Shipley 

With so many AI tools on the market, it’s challenging to choose the right one for specific needs. This training offers a unique opportunity to test pWin.ai, the generative AI solution endorsed by Shipley after a comprehensive review of available tools. This hands-on experience will demonstrate why pWin.ai stands out. Industry has trusted Shipley on the best ways to pursue and win business for more than 50 years, why not trust us now? 

6. Enhance Your Skills and Credentials with Shipley BD.ai 

It’s challenging to find comprehensive training that not only imparts knowledge but also provides recognized credentials. Upon completing the training, participants will receive a Credly badge to showcase their new skills on LinkedIn, along with two elective credits towards Shipley certification. Leaders wanting to show a commitment to your team’s success: this is a great way to do it. (And, proposal professionals considering new opportunities, we already know that recruiters value Shipley certification, BD.ai training just takes this to the next level.) 

7. Lead Your Team to Bid More, Win More 

Limited resources often constrain how many proposals a team can bid on, reducing overall chances for winning new business. AI-enabled teams can significantly increase proposal output without adding additional resources or adding burden to existing teams. Participants will learn strategies to optimize their proposal efforts, ensuring that their teams can bid more and ultimately win more business. 

Who Should Attend? 

This training is designed for forward-thinking proposal center directors, proposal managers, and other business development professionals involved in complex sales and procurement responses. This course is especially valuable for people preparing to drive AI adoption and enhance the proposal development processes within their organization. 

Join Us for an Unmatched Learning Experience 

The one-day training combines lectures, demonstrations, and interactive labs to ensure participants leave with a thorough understanding of AI’s role in business development. Additionally, attendees will receive a copy of the Shipley BD.ai Primer (2024), widely regarded as the most clear, concise, and helpful resource on the intersection of AI and business development. 

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