Winning Through Oral Proposals

Winning Through Oral Proposals is an interactive workshop designed to build practical skills through 20 percent lecture, 30 percent discussion, and 50 percent skill-building exercises.

The overall focus is divided between developing content and improving delivery skills. Participants receive a comprehensive workshop manual and planning templates, are videotaped, and improve their delivery skills and confidence through constructive coaching.

Through instruction, exercises, and one-on-one coaching, workshop participants will learn the processes, skills, and techniques to:

• Develop a Winning Strategy
• Design a Persuasive Message Using the Oral Proposal Planner
• Develop a Winning Delivery Style
• Prepare to Answer Critical Questions

Who Should Attend
  • Solutions Managers
  • Key Program Personnel
  • Sales and Marketing Prof.
  • Proposal Managers
  • Those who develop, present, or critique oral proposals

Contact Information

Contact Shipley at 888-772-9467 or