Proposal Writing

Now with an updated look and feel!

Learn to use POWeR™, a disciplined and repeatable writing process, to develop responsive, compliant, and customer-focused proposals:

  • Planning – Develop content; analyze perspective audience
  • Organizing – Mirror customer’s instructions; use 4-Box template
  • Writing – Draft text quickly and efficiently; save time and rework
  • examining – Use peer review to check content, format, and tone
  • Revising – Ensure your proposal is clear, concise, and correct

Topics include:

  • Developing content, graphics, and branding that clearly reflect the quality of your organization to the evaluators
  • Using POWeR™ to develop proposals that are easy to evaluate and score by the evaluators, increasing winning probability
  • Scheduling color team reviews to obtain unbiased views and recommendations for improving proposal content

This course includes a short quiz at the end. Students also have access to applicable Shipley Proposal Guide sections to supplement learning and reinforce key best practices.

You will have access to the course for 1 year.

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This module is designed for proposal managers, proposal writers, business developers, proposal coordinators, and proposal contributors.

"The guidance you provided on our capture plan helped us re-evaluate and re-direct our win strategy on this must-win competitive bid. Thank you for helping us better understand our competitive position on this critical capture effort. We know we've enhanced our Pwin based on your input."

SVP Strategic Capture Management, Global Defense Contractor