Pricing to Win/Winning in the Cost Volume

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This 3-day interactive workshop builds practical skills through lecture, discussion, and skill-building exercises. A description of each course in this combination is listed below.
Pricing To Win

This 2-day workshop teaches skills for business development, marketing, capture management, pricing, and finance personnel, including:

  • Understanding customers’ acquisition budgets, including sources and uses
  • Understanding customer assessments of bidders’ proposed prices/Price-capability trade-offs
  • Reviewing competitors’ probable solutions and likely pricing strategies and tactics
  • Iteratively adapting your company’s solution, price, and capture strategy to improve win probability
  • Influencing customers to prefer your company’s own solution and price over competitors’ prior to release of an RFP
  • Guiding proposal pricing efforts to ensure the offer places your organization in a position to compete and ultimately win
  • Securing the award after proposal submittal by refining and executing pricing strategies
Participants actively engage in hands-on exercises based on a real-world competitive opportunity. This fast-paced workshop builds skills and expands knowledge in this critical aspect of winning business.

Winning Cost Volume

This 1-day workshop teaches you to address critical issues needed to gain a strategic advantage by enhancing the skills of the people who manage and prepare cost volumes:

  • Understand how cost volumes are evaluated and what increases cost in evaluation
  • Learn acceptable, allocable, and allowable costs
  • Learn why and how to develop the RFP requirements checklist, CLIN, CDRL, and Program Control Matrix
  • Learn to develop a WBS and WBS dictionary
  • Develop appropriate and acceptable estimates
  • Develop good task descriptions
  • Develop defendable BOEs

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Who Should Attend
  • Business Development Professionals and Managers
  • Pricing Managers
  • Financial/Technical Professionals
  • Capture Managers
  • Tools and Templates
  • Course Workbook

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"Your proposal leadership on this complex proposal was invaluable. You were able to harness our resources and bring together a compelling story for our customer while maintaining calm - even in a very chaotic environment with us and our teaming partners."

Director of Program Development, Healthcare IT Firm