Pricing to Win (Live, Online)

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Jan 24, 2023 – Live, Online

Course Information

This live, online, one-day interactive workshop will have you analyzing competitive bidding situations from a customer’s perspective to gain understanding of how buyers in structured markets make purchasing decisions. Then, via examples of simple and more complex purchases, you’ll learn about and follow a process for development and exploitation of competitive intelligence to target a price to win.

You will learn key concepts, frameworks, and sources to:

  • Understand three primary customer buying behaviors and how they influence price versus capability decision-making
  • Estimate customer’s budgets and price expectations
  • Predict competitor’s likely solutions and prices
  • Determine a price to win and use it enhance your competitive posture throughout the business development lifecycle

During the workshop, you will work with simulated examples of market research, historical contract information, and positioning of competitors. These examples will illustrate the kind of information you should seek and use for your own organization’s business pursuits and how to use that information.

This workshop also introduces key practices in using the discoveries of pricing to win analyses to help construct a responsive and compelling cost volume narrative that increases customer confidence in your pricing and your win probability. Please note, this workshop does not cover cost estimation techniques, which will be unique to your organization. It focuses on determining a combination of price and capability that will appeal to your customer’s buying style—the price to win.

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Who Should Attend
  • Business Development Professionals and Managers
  • Pricing Managers
  • Financial/Technical Professionals
  • Capture Managers
  • Tools and Templates
  • Course Workbook

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"Your proposal leadership on this complex proposal was invaluable. You were able to harness our resources and bring together a compelling story for our customer while maintaining calm - even in a very chaotic environment with us and our teaming partners."

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