Join industry experts to learn of a proven model for building organizational maturity for your business development team. You will learn of a research-based Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM) that has been successfully adopted by dozens of organizations to improve performance.



Training Programs

Foundations and Dynamics of High-Performance Business Development – an Introduction to the Capability Model for Business Development, Version 2.1

This new workshop introduces the Capability Maturity Model ® for Business Development version 2.1 to individuals with responsibility for strengthening organizational business winning capability and performance.

Through the workshop modules and exercises, participants will be able to:

    • Describe BD-CMM history and origins
    • Establish the BD-CMM business case
    • Map BD-CMM to CMMI and Agile Methodologies
    • Describe BD-CMM structure and components
    • Interpret the likely maturity profile of an organization and recognize progression paths
    • Contribute as a BD-CMM appraisal or implementation team member


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