Problem/Solution—Every pursuit is stressful and disorganized, and we are losing most of them


Problem: Every pursuit is stressful and disorganized, and we are losing most of them. 

When you have lost the past few proposals and new opportunities feels chaotic and rushed, you are not losing out of bad luck. You are losing because your business process needs reforming. Companies that win the most have a mature, successful, repeatable business development model integrated across all aspects of the business. 

Solution: If you are not winning as much as you’d like to, consider evaluating your current practices using Shipley’s Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM). The BD-CMM is a basis for planned, repeatable performance improvement when bidding on government contracts. When your capability maturity level is high, you increase win rates and average contract value while reducing the costs of sales. 

 The BD-CMM evaluates companies in five capability categories:  

  • Customer 
  • Leadership 
  • People 
  • Process Management 
  • Support 

Once you gauge where your current process’ maturity level lies, you can increase these from their initial ad hoc business development practices to an optimized process.  

The core of BD-CMM is business development best practices that take your current maturity level and identify strengths and gaps at where you are now. Then, you are prepared to continue those best practices already in place while strengthening other aspects of your business winning process so you can win more business while spending less to do so. 

An innovative, high-maturity business model reduces performance risk and the cost of competing while increasing your win rate and contract value averages. Contact at Shipley for information on evaluating your current business winning process and ways you can strengthen your competitive advantage.