Problem/Solution - Positioning

Problem: The customer doesn’t know who you are

This is a common problem when moving into a new market space. Perhaps you’ve discovered the perfect product for the customer who needs it, but unless they know who you are and the quality your company is committed to, you may still risk losing the opportunity.

Solution: Align your capture strategies to move from an unknown position to a favored position before proposal development.

This positioning is achieved by influencing the customer throughout the sales cycle to prefer your company and your solution. The most successful capture planning includes using an adaptable, repeatable process.

Most sales and marketing veterans agree that 40–60 percent of the time, customers decide whom they would prefer to buy from before proposals are submitted.

How do you move from an unknown position to a favored position? Read the tips below.

To move from an unknown to a known position:

  • Research the market
  • Interact with the customer
  • Analyze your findings

To move to an improved position:

  • Develop your strategy and tactics
  • Implement and validate your strategy with the customer

Attain a favored position:

  • Build and strengthen customer relationships to understand their objectives

Capture/opportunity planning best practices have proven effective in a range of organizations, not just large contractors. While defense contractors were the first to embrace capture planning disciplines, best practices apply universally to large and small organizations, across market sectors, and in different selling environments.

Try implementing these simple steps in your own organization and move to a favored position with your customers.