Problem/Solution—Our Proposals Start Off Chaotic


Problem: Our proposals start off chaotic and get worse. 

When proposal development starts without a plan, the result is chaotic and can lead to underdeveloped proposals. The team will be exhausted before the work actually begins. 


Come to the kickoff meeting prepared. 

Preparation will ensure that your meeting is successful and productive. This meeting should motivate the team while also giving each member information and specific tasks. Premature kickoff meetings only offer the illusion of progress and lead to more rework and a less competitive proposal. 

How do you prepare and run a successful proposal kickoff meeting? 

  • Allocate approximately 15% of the available preparation time to core team planning prior to the Kickoff meeting 
  • Invite the right people 
  • Prepare a complete but concise agenda 
  • Prepare a comprehensive kickoff package in advance 
  • Review operational guidelines for proposal development 
  • Establish a tone of competent, professional proposal leadership and management 
  • Establish additional ground rules for teleconference kickoff meetings  

While proposal kickoff meetings range from carefully planned and executed large-team efforts to loosely structured conference calls, following these guidelines will allow the whole team to leave the meeting inspired and ready to win the deal.