Business Winning Tip: Proposal Graphics

Graphics are one of the most effective ways to persuade the customer to select your solution. Graphics convey both facts and emotion, equally important aspects of effective persuasion. Effective graphics improve evaluator retention and understanding.

High-level readers of proposal, those either making or influencing the selection decision, often only skim proposals, looking at the graphics that stand out, then reading the captions, headings, highlight statements, and the executive summary. These readers must understand you offer and competitive advantage without reading the entire text.

Studies have shown that when evaluators both see and read messages with a common theme they recall six times (6X) as much and are more likely to be persuaded to buy.

Effective proposal contributors provide customers with both visual and written reasons to select their solution.

The Shipley Proposal Guide offers the best ways to make your proposal graphics stand out:

  1. Select or create graphics that demonstrate your understanding, emphasize your strategy, and highlight your discriminators.
  2. Draft the graphics before you write the text.
  3. Select graphics that best support your message.
  4. Design or modify graphics until they are understandable by all evaluators.
  5. Keep graphics simple, uncluttered, and easy to read, with one key idea per graphic.
  6. Orient graphics vertically.
  7. Minimize cumbersome foldouts – follow instructions.
  8. Minimize text in graphics. Concentrate text in an action caption.
  9. Number graphics in order of appearance in major sections.
  10. Include a benefits-focused action caption with every graphic.

Customer-focused graphics are often the difference between good and better proposals.

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