Helping a Global IT company to cement its strategic position in the UK National Health Service


Summary of Results

As a result of this:

NHS GM’s previously negative perception of the organisation was dramatically improved and BT Health went on to win the bid.

“Working with Shipley helped us present our offer in a way that changed our customer’s perception of us from one of a supplier to a potential partner.”
-Paul Bean, Senior Consultant BT Health


Shipley Solution

In conjunction with Thread-Group, Shipley provided an expert consultant to work with the BT Health team to organize the response and optimize their strategy, approach, and responses to the technical and commercial queries. A major requirement change by NHS GM led to the need to produce two different strategies and complete bids from two different divisions of BT Health at the same time.

The Shipley input included the following:

  • Management of the generation of the two strategies and responses
  • Introduction of industry benchmark bid processes and management techniques
  • Identification and development of compelling customer-focused win themes
  • Delivery of a clear document structure, graphic designs, and effective writing
  • Effective editing of the bid material to ensure clarity, accuracy and legibility, and full compliance with the customer’s requirements
  • Development of specialist management plans and clear identification of risk