Energy Services Company Streamlined Proposal Process to Be More Competitive


Summary of Results

Overall capture and bid costs reduced by 37% during the first year of implementation. The client also experienced:
• Lower cost per page on proposals
• 80% confidence level in sales pipeline accuracy
• Increased win rate after six months of implementation
• Established, consistent, and cost-effective model for re-capturing market share and increasing sales


Shipley Solution

Shipley assigned a small team to help this client accomplish their business objectives.  The project team:

  • Interviewed key stakeholders to define the “as is” approach
  • Surveyed employees at various levels of the business capture team
  • Assessed and evaluated a cross-section of proposals and capture plans and scored them against best practices
  • Presented findings and recommendations to key leadership
  • Developed, tailored, and implemented the new process in key divisions

Launched the new process, tools, and methods across the organization by training all personnel