Large Global Space and Defense Company Partners for Efficiency


Summary of Results

After the first 22 months of this engagement, the client reports:
• 80% win rate on bids supported
• Overall one grade improvement in evaluation scores from inception of project to present
• 39% in overall savings BD spending compared to traditional outsourcing
• Average proposal cost per page was 22% less than the average cost per page prior to engagement
• Over 175 people trained using Just-in-Time training
• Bids to 5 Countries
• From 33.4% re-use of graphics to 73.5%


Shipley Solution

This client determined that it was time to invest in a consistent approach to support business capture, with solid proposal management. This client sought a business partner who would quickly help them respond to government (and global) solicitations in a consistent and efficient way.

Shipley and our teaming partner accepted the challenge and provides proposal center leadership at two primary client locations by managing strategic pursuits while building internal client capability. A core team of proposal managers provides the right level of staffing and expertise to efficiently respond to opportunities with customer-focused, compliant proposals.

The core team, led by a Program Manager, handles the proposal coordination and administrative tasks associated with managing the centers. These tasks include managing workloads, recording matrices, capturing weekly data for client reports, and working toward balancing anticipated future needs. To support future needs beyond the core capacity, an additional pool of qualified surge support candidates is also available to the client as proposal demands and opportunities increase.

As part of this engagement, the Shipley team leads an effort to document best practices against the client’s corporate business development documentation. From this benchmark, the Shipley team refined a series of just-in-time training modules to help transfer this new knowledge to the internal client personnel to build a sustainable infrastructure for competing and winning.