Standing Ready

Enhance your proposal team and celebrate more wins

Business Development Boot CampThis workshop will develop your skill leading business pursuits prior to release of requests for proposals (RFP), when your competitive potential and flexibility are highest. Through lecture, presentations, and the simulation of a real pursuit, you will learn to improve your position with your customer and develop your win strategy well in advance of submitting your offers.
Proposal SupportShipley experts combined with efficiency savings and a flexible approach means a significant return on investment (ROI) from dollars spent. Clients value our flexibility and adaptability when applying industry best practices to help them win.
Using Consultants: What’s the ROI?Choosing to engage someone outside of your organization for proposal support is a decision that can significantly change the success of your business. Some may argue that hiring consultants is too costly or not effective for sustainable business, but there are many instances where consultants can help increase your probability of winning (Pwin).