Victory Party

Celebrate contributors and accomplishments, win or lose.

Proposal Center Management

Shipley is experienced at helping clients build and manage an effective and efficient sales/business development operation on the scale and schedule that best fit your needs. A bid and proposal center of excellence will be the basis for building a winning business development culture to sustain growth and promote productivity.

Shipley Training

2022 calendar now available! Shipley Associates offers a comprehensive curriculum of public workshops that provides your proposal teams with the skills, tools, and hands-on training needed to improve your win rate. Public workshops are ideal for individuals or small groups to learn and apply best practices.


Celebrate the proposal team, win or lose. Losing a bid is hard. It’s easy to get swept up in disappointment, to see the flaws in your proposal, and to blame others for mistakes. This breaks down the morale of the team and quality can absolutely suffer. Mistakes need to be addressed in a lessons learned review, but don’t dwell on them. There’s usually more to losing than what’s in the proposal.

Product Bundles

The Shipley Playbook bundle provides a step-by-step approach and necessary tools to help you win more business. Each Playbook comes with downloadable tools to help you use these guides to their fullest extent and manage and participate in proposal teams effectively.