For Veterans

We at Shipley Associates have had ample opportunities to work with exceptional veterans. We have seen you excel as Shipley-vetted consultants and have enjoyed your input in various Shipley training courses. We have also worked side-by-side many veterans within client organizations. 

During these interactions, we’ve admired your attention to detail, tenacity, and drive. While these traits certainly exist in civilians, they seem especially emphasized in veterans. 

We also appreciate veterans for their service to our country. They leave the comforts of home to devote years of their lives to protecting others. However, when they get home, their service to others does not end. In the business development market specifically, veterans bring a wealth of knowledge, which strengthens the industry tremendously.  

Because of this, a standing Shipley practice is to offer a veterans’ discount of 20% off year-round, applicable for all training and materials we offer. For more information on the veterans’ discount, please contact us below.