Manage Change During Uncertain Times

Change may be the only constant; leverage it to rise above the rest.
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Managing Change

2021 has been a tough year—change is the only constant. Discuss with experts how you and your team can cope with and leverage change during uncertain times.

Building a Culture of Winning

We all know that HOPE is not a strategy. What does it take to win in your competitive environment? Do you know your competitors? Their strengths and weaknesses? Do you know how you are perceived in the market? By customers? Do you have the methods, tools, infrastructure, and personnel necessary to build a culture of winning? Shipley has the personnel, experience, and tools to help you build a culture of winning – not just with strategy, but with execution.

Managing Strategic Proposals

This interactive course builds the proposal management skill set through lecture, discussion, and exercises using a case study. It begins with all necessary steps for planning and effectively managing development of a compliant and compelling sales document.

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

One of the best ways to sharpen your proposal’s competitive edge is by honing in on what matters to the customer. Many proposals focus too much on what they can do better than everyone else. This self-indulgent style of writing misses who the proposal is written for and can cost your business. Instead, begin by identifying what matters most to your customer.