How Do Your Business Development Practices Measure Up?

Business Winning Institute (BWI)

A dedicated practice area within Shipley, centered on the Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM®). The BWI helps gauge and then improve your current business development process’ maturity level from its initial ad hoc business development practices to an optimized process. An innovative, higher-maturity business model reduces performance risk and the cost of competing while increasing your win rate and contract value averages.

What’s a BD-CMM?

Industry leaders in this webinar will discuss and show how business winning organizations improve performance, gain efficiencies, and attract the best talent. We will walk through an industry-proven framework for evaluating and measuring organizational effectiveness based on the fundamentals of a Capability Maturity Model® customized for business development (BD-CMM™). Earn APMP CEUs for attending.

The Shipley Capture Guide

Created to help individuals and organizations capture competitive business opportunities, guide individuals in capture planning or sales roles to understand and adapt best practices, and document best-practice capture management and planning guidelines. If you are new to capture or want to learn how to improve your already successful capture efforts through proven best practices, consider the Capture Guide!

Digital BD-CMM 2.1

The Digital Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD-CMM) is relevant for anyone involved at the front end of the business development lifecycle. It guides organizations that are experiencing critical changes as well as those attempting to understand the capability and maturity of their BD operations. When you know your business maturity and capability, you are better positioned to increase your win rates!