Task Order Responses

Your organization must meet the range of challenges encountered when bidding task orders. This includes quick response, high volumes of task orders, limited advance intelligence on upcoming bids, and intense competition. Adjusting your business development process to better fit task order bids will position your organization to win more business and reduce the inefficiencies and pain associated with current task order proposal practices.

This interactive course introduces key principles and practices for winning task order proposals, and how they are applied throughout the business development process.

Implementing industry best practices using proven methods and disciplines is essential.

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Anyone who contributes to proposals, including: Sales Professionals, Business Developers, Technical SMEs, Proposal Writers, Proposal Coordinators, Proposal Managers, and Section or Volume Authors.

"Your consultant's incredible organizational skills and focus on strategies and cost/pricing issues kept our team focused and motivated. I believe we have a very credible and compliant proposal. I highly recommend that other ITT proposal teams use Shipley's support in the future."

Program Manager, ITT Aerospace