Organizational Assessment and Accreditation

A critical value delivered to organizations by the Business Winning Institute and its network of Certified Appraisers, involves helping them understand and apply industry best practice. In particular, the BD-CMM model provides a simple, yet powerful standard for measuring the robustness of an organization’s business-winning capability.

Our processes, methodologies, and tools for assessing BD-CMM capability are well defined and apply industry-standard practices to the complex task of appraising BW capabilities.

Assessment strategies are tailored for the organization but may include:

  • Collection of broad organizational feedback on how well the organization achieves business winning goals and applies specific practices, using a variety of survey instruments
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Behavioural assessments
  • Reviews of objective evidence in the form of documentation and case studies on relevant projects

The scope and depth of an appraisal is adjusted to optimise client value.

The BWi maintains a cadre of Certified  Appraisers, certified as experts in helping organizations apply BD-CMM goals and practices to understand the maturity of their operations and identify beneficial growth paths, email for details.