We were a growing 8(a) firm, soon to graduate to the world of full-and-open competition. While we were already growing at double-digit rates, we know our business development process relied too much on "heroic efforts" and ad hoc approaches. We had to re-define our business development model so that it was mature and repeatable. We engaged Shipley Associates, knowing they had helped many mid-sized and large companies design and develop a winning process and culture.

Shipley helped us assess our current process and identify gaps in personnel, infrastructure, tools, and strategy. We collaborated with Shipley to design, development, document, and roll out a BD life cycle that leveraged our existing strengths and introduced new ideas that we could realistically implement. Since the Shipley engagement, our pursuit pipeline has expanded considerably. We've adopted a CRM system that helps us advance each opportunity through the necessary decision gates and color team reviews, leading to smarter business decisions. Shipley's vision, training, tools, and methodology were instrumental in our successful transition from small business to large business. We feel much more confident in our ability to move ahead, compete, and win. ~Alba Alemán, President and CEO - Citizant